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Dreamed - Credits

Concept and Direction: Vikram Iyengar
Choreographic Assistance: Debashree Bhattacharya, Sohini Debnath

Created with and performed by Ranan Repertory members
Amlan Chaudhuri
Anubha Fatehpuria
Dana Roy
Debashree Bhattacharya
Debosmita Roychoudhury
Indudipa Sinha
Jayati Chakraborty
Rhea Das
Samila Bhattacharya
Sohini Debnath
Somdatta Banerjee
Vikram Iyengar

Music: Dana Roy, Dhruva Lal, Subhagata Singha
Music Impulses:
Divinities (Ian Anderson), Lilac Wine (Jeff Buckley), Gülün Kokusu Vardi (Erkan Ogšur, Ismail H. Demirciogšlu), Scarborough Fair (Simon and Garfunkel), Jamaican Farewell (Harry Belafonte)
Guitar: Dhruva Lal
Violin: Lav Kanoi
Vocal training and live music conducted by Dana Roy
Stage Design: Vikram Iyengar, Anubha Fatehpuria, Amlan Chaudhuri
Costumes: Debashree Bhattacharya, Vikram Iyengar
Lighting Design: Sudip Sanyal



Texts taken from:
The Smile of the Pomegranate Tree by Roya (Afgan Women’s Writing Project)
Dreamed by Peter Barnes
How to Cut a Pomegranate by Imtiaz Dharker
Shadows of the Pomegranate Tree by Tariq Ali
Making a Stand by Debosmita Roychowdhury
Interfacing by Anjum Katyal



DREAMED an experimental performance piece bringing together elements of Kathak dance, movement, music, fragments of text and snippets of song


Contrasting moments of clarity and ambiguity,
seamless changes of locale and logic,
fractured and yet cohesive images and ideas …

expressions of secret desire,
of memories real or imagined,
of regret and loss,
of reaching out to touch something just out of reach

varied characters –
all with dreams they reach out to
all with obstacles that hinder them
all with a desire to find themselves in another space, another time, another home

memories tinged with regret
secret sorrows
lost loves
wanting to be loved
the urge to dance freely and joyfully

The metaphor of this dream-space – a pomegranate tree, a pomegranate grove – somewhere one wants to be

Welcome to a space that is dreamed …
dreamed of, dreamed with, dreamed in, dreamed for.
A space that allows dreams to flower and to wither.
Where dreams find space to grow.

Premier: May 2011,
Gyan Manch, Calcutta, India
Audience response
watch the video >>



DIRECTORIAL MUSINGS : More Questions than Answers

20 May 2010 saw the launch of the Ranan Repertory. A motley group of dancers and actors came together in Ranan’s rehearsal space committed to working and playing together as performers. Dreamed emerged out of a year’s work with repertory members through acting and movement exercises, dance and text explorations, voice work, workshops led from within the group and by guest artists, film screenings, sharings and more.

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