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Equus - Credits

Concept and Direction:
Vikram Iyengar

Choreography and Movement:
Vikram Iyengar, Amlan Chaudhuri

Cast (as of March 2011):

Amlan Chaudhuri
Frank Strang, Horse, Customer, Priest
Daminee Mukherjee
Dr. Margaret Dysart
Debosmita Roychoudhury
Nurse, Horse, Customer
Indudipa Sinha
Jill, Horse, Priest
Jayati Chakraborty
Dora Strang, Horse, Customer
Lav Kanoi
Alan Strang
Rhea Das
Horseman, Horse, Customer, Priest
Shataf Figar
Harold Salomon, Henry Dalton, Customer, Horse
Vikram Iyengar
Equus, Priest

Original Music: Neel Adhikari

Stage Design: Sukanya Ghosh

Lighting Design: Sudip Sanyal

Costume Design: Katy Roy and Dana Roy



EQUUS a dance and theatre staging of
Peter Shaffer’s landmark play







“Extremity is the point”: Thoughts from the Director:

Today’s world bombards every waking – and sleeping – moment with images, information, ideas, sounds, tastes, smells, atmospheres … arguably we are living in the most sensual and sensually awakened world possible. But this melange of apparently infinite choices comes with a very real danger. It is as easy to get swept away by it as it is to get swept out of it.

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Peter Shaffer’s Equus delves into the mind of 17-year old Alan Strang who blinds six horses in an inexplicable fit. Through a series of encounters with a psychiatrist, we come face to face with more questions than answers. What is normal, what is worship, what is passion, what is individuality? Equus addresses these issues using the mythic figure of a horse as metaphor for worship, passion, pain and danger.

Ranan’s staging uses movement, classical dance and verbal text to explore these themes and questions, finding echoes of Equus in the world we inhabit today: a paradoxical world where inclusion and enhanced technological connectivity go hand in hand with exclusion and human disconnect. The production brings together actors, dancers, designers and technical personnel in an experience that treads the thin line between sensuality and brutality, normalcy and insanity, primal forces and contemporary pressures.

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