Vaichitra has travelled extensively in India and abroad, invited to dance festivals, corporate and consular gatherings, festivals at institutes of higher education, private receptions and cultural evenings organised by various societies and clubs.
"Sheer poetry!"
The Telegraph, Calcutta
September 2005

"A spectacular Kathak performance exploring tradition to modernity in all richness and grace."
The New Indian Express, Thiruvanathapuram
January 2007
Range, richness, innovation

Kathak, the classical dance from north India is known for its precise and scintillating pure dance, elegant and subtle grace, and nuanced expressional pieces. The form has also responded exceptionally well to various experiements and interactions. Vaichitra presents Kathak in all this range, richness and innovation. This flexible presentation involves a varying number of dancers and compositions.
The selection embraces the gamut including pieces from the traditional Kathak repertoire, innovative and experimental numbers choreographed to a variety of music genres (including compositions by Bickram Ghosh and Ustad Sabir Khan) and interacting with a range of other artistic media such as film and visual design, and excerpts from Ranan's acclaimed Kathak productions.